Note: Chinese Americans as new middlemen minority

Just as the Jewish American community is using Chicanos as a middleman minority, they are also using Chinese Americans to do their dirty work, to insulate themselves from the coming anger regarding their sophomoric shenanigans. But alas, Americans will not be fooled once the economy collapses. They saw clearly that the Khazarian Mafia banksters were bailed out in 2008, while they were left for dead by the powers that be. Obviously it was what propelled Donald J. Trump to power in the 2016 election. They simply cannot fool anyone any longer, and their day of reckoning is close at hand. This is because while they are setting up Chicanos and Chinese Americans to take the heat, the Frankist Illuminati are using the Jewish American community as a middleman minority to effect their own escape to their nuclear bunkers wherever (note: this was the same strategy employed in Nazi Germany by people like Max and Otto Warburg). I tend to like Chinese Americans though they are obvious toadies with a very weak moral backbone (this is meant for a specific individual and not Chinese generally, and he knows who he is). They are of course enticed to do shenanigans by some offer of career advancement. This is the strategy of divide and conquer, basically the same model used in the development of Hawaii to keep the various ethnic groups at each other’s throats. And do we know anyone from that state? Why of course, Barack Obama, Mr. globalist himself.


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