Grenville Tower fire . . .

Dear readers after one of the hottest fires I’ve ever observed, the Grenville Tower in Britain remained standing, i.e., its steel frame. Yet the U.S. dodgy government wants Americans to believe that the World Trade Center towers collapsed from fires into their footprints. They take us for utter fools. 9/11 was pure rubbish, and a false-flag attack designed to justify our invasion of the Middle East, for our so-called best friends in Israel, who I might add had control of the WTC buildings through the New York Port Authority, and fell under the New York’s Office of Emergency Management during and after 9/11. It was Mr. Jerome Hauer at the OEM who floated the fire theory for the collapse of the World Trade Center Towers prior to any scientific examination of the evidence. Mr. Hauer also had deep roots in the New York Zionist community. He was even prescient enough to finger Osama bin Laden as responsible prior to any investigation. And of course we know that the evidence was quickly disposed of and destroyed so that such an examination could not take place. Steel framed buildings do not fall into their footprint other than on 9/11. Like I’ve maintained open air jet fuel fires, basically kerosene, do not burn hot enough to bring down any steel framed building, long advanced by the Engineers and Architects for 9/11 Truth. Why perhaps few people today believe any thing the fake news networks peddle today, least of all the lame attacks on President Trump.

In my own humble opinion warranted by empirical facts and physics, 9/11 was a Zionist executed operation. The result of a paranoid Zionist community. And Israel is surrounded and has made few friends in the Middle East, and therefore has every reason to be paranoid. Zionism is simply nationalism, so I support it. Few globalists revealingly fail to admit this fact. Jews wish to live according to their own values and culture, and so be it. But Jewish values are hardly universalistic, and that contention is complete baloney. What the Zionist Fourth Estate really fears from Trump is an honest investigation of 9/11, and so they attack him relentlessly. They know, as Friedrich Ebert should have, that nationalism will eventually assert itself, just as Zionism does in Israel. Now that should really scare the shit out of Jews in the U.S. with some 95 million Americans not in the labor force, thanks to neoconservative clap-trap (e.g., Daniel Bell at Harvard, now deceased, but the author of the Post Industrial Society).


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