To remind you once again . . .

Posted on February 11, 2017 by ptaka71907

government CAN and is CAPABLE of managing the economy.

That is the maxim. The sine qua non of socialism. That so-called experts are better than the markets in the allocation of scarce resources. Ha ha ha ha. Dear readers this is complete baloney.

Like the commies were able to run Puerto Rico, Brazil, and Venezuela? Utter nonsense. And look at the bankruptcy of Europe under centralized command and control. A complete catastrophe. Very poor empirical evidence to substantiate their claims, the globalists that is, that we would be better off under socialism (which I would maintain is fascisocialism at best) than under capitalism. But just take the single-payer healthcare system thought up by the California Nurses Association. It will obviously bankrupt the state, but California state legislators are moving forward on the daft plan promoted by the whack jobs better known as Sanders supporters.


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