Stoking the fires of violence: THE NEOCON PLAYBOOK OF DIVIDE AND CONQUER

First posted on Feb. 11, 2017, reposted in light of recent targeted assassination.


Pshaw! Like the English used to lament about their working class who they replaced with Irish scabs. Just say it Bill. You want a surplus army of workers so that wages fall–pure and simple. And if it is Mexicans today, it will be some other migrant groups tomorrow you can use to replace them. Think here about the labor force of Hawaii. So let’s be honest, globalism and neoconservatives simply want to alter the balance of class power to make more moolah. That’s the bottom line in this debate. And then you turn the various migrant groups against one another, as they also did in Hawaii, to allow the Haole to retain their power. Hey, that sounds like the political strategy of the blacked faced minstrel Barack Obama. Except Barry worked to keep the lemmings divided for the benefit of corporate America. Well, I guess that is the same as keeping the Haole’s in power–isn’t


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