California globalists using the medical professions to attack their political adversaries

They’ll lose, as they’ve already lost in the United States. They are on the wrong side of history. Globalism as pointed out repeatedly here is a German operation to amalgamate the world into a one world government, centered around a single currency. It is fascism in drag. But if you are a Trump supporter, I recommend that you take your medical business elsewhere, perhaps to Arizona or some other country that has not been beguiled by the globalist socialist rhetoric. One of the key identifying detail of their modus operandi is recommending procedures with no purpose or recommending medications OR ANTI-PLATELET therapy that they then never prescribe to the patient. Or botching biopsies, infiltrations by senior experienced cannulators, or assigning woefully trained cannulators knowing they will make a host of mistakes, that have plausible deniability. In short, take your medical business out of the state of California, which has gone off the deep end with its globalist nonsense. Another way of saying: CAVEAT EMPTOR. Most medical practitioners place the interests of the patients above their politics, but not globalists. Now for most people this will not be of much interest, the lemmings simply drink from the cup given to them by the medical profession, but for ethnomethodologists it is important to identifying details or markers of the underlying moral order of society, and its witnessable organization. Therefore, going to the doctor can be a way finding journey, like following an occasioned map–those maps given to people to find their way to a party, for example. So in search of those identifying details that betray the real underlying order of society, I continue to report on my in-situ medical encounters. Stay tuned.


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