Baloney Journalism: Trump ‘Helping Terrorists’ by Refusing to Talk Gun Control after London Knife Attacks — NYT

Well, if the attacks were with a stolen truck, should Trump want to talk about guns?

Holy shit batman, no matter what weapon one employs to do acts of terrorism, we “mandate” the talk should be about guns. Like talking about guns is going to do anything about acts of terrorism. Like instead of using vehicles, knives, and yes, guns, the terrorists are too dumb to use explosives instead. The New York Times demonstrating why the public no longer takes their drivel seriously any longer. The best way to combat terrorism, in my humble opinion, would be to pull out completely from the Middle East, and leave our skullcaps best friends to take care of terrorism. As the below chart shows, prior to our invasion of Iraq, terrorism was much less, especially bombings.
Just leave the poor Arabs alone. They want to practice their religion as they see fit. They were never anyone’s problem until our best friends attempted to get us to do their dirty work. I say let them handle it. They have a nice little military perfectly capable of doing the job, but like the Khazarian Mafia banksters over here who like to gamble with other people’s money, they want to wage war with other people’s sons and daughters. To hell with that.


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