Why behead folks when you can melt their skin off the bone with White Petey

Aghast at A-R-A-B-S beheading gays and women? Yes, why resort to such primitivism when you can melt the skin off the bone of your adversaries using the chemical agent White Petey, aka White Phosphorus. What the damn Arabs are is quite easily to see; they are not freankin’ hypocrites. Perhaps, that is why Angela Merkel is attracted to Islam, and its unabashed fascist style theology.

But as I would graciously point out, Islam is not fascism as the Jews attempt to paint it, but Muslims are simple monarchists. Fascism entails corporate control over the government. That is what we have in spades.
white peteyCorporate generated weapons of mass death, and their deployment by corporate government lackeys.

Oh sure let’s have globalism so our merchants of death can sell their wares worldwide. Globalism is such an advance over feudalism? Jiminey Christmas! Next the globalists will tell us not to worry about death since it comes to us all. How convenient for their agenda of depopulation–especially of the ragheads.

However, if you are a raghead, I am not at all surprised that you take offense, and would rather run over us with a vehicle. This is not shocking at all, and should be expected, except by mental dwarfs schooled in “safe places”.

So with that allow me to talk honestly to you dear readers. Trump likes to think big. I say fine. To make America Great Again we should conquer all lands from Canada to Tierra del Fuego. It is the only way of extracting ourselves from the debt hole we have dug for ourselves. The other choice would be to simply default on our debt and take our medicine–a very deep economic depression. I figure if the Icelanders can dig themselves out of their mess, we could do the same. First, you jail the banksters, and forgive personal household debt to restore consumption, and yes you will have to tighten up on government largesse. Or you can embark on drang nach suden. If the people make the decision, I’m betting they choose to take the medicine, and if the elites make the decision they choose military expansion.

One restores democracy and civil liberties, while the other leads directly to a police state. Can you guess which one leads to a police state? Yes, that’s right, don’t allow the globalists to make this decision.


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