Freakin’ OBVIOUS dude . . .

Democrats have been losing working-class voters of all races and backgrounds—not just solely white working-class voters—because the party’s elites support open borders, are soft on illegal immigration, and favor trade deals that screw American workers.–Stan Greenberg

Of course the elites are in favor of the above because it underpins trade union busting. It drives down wages, and the American standard of living, and increases corporate profits and compensation for the elites. So Marx, unfortunately, is proved correct on what results from class conflict, but not how it comes about. But he could never have guessed that it would be the corporate elites that joined forces across borders, and not the workers. That the professional managerial class would essentially form a union, better known as the Bilderberg Group, to press their class interests. And destroy the class interests of the working class using the sophomoric ruse of identity politics. Stupid is as stupid does. And why today the working class is in deep shit, thanks to their blinders about globalism and its actual fascist underpinnings to void national control over environmental, consumer protection, and work rules using the instrument of trade deals and illegal immigration. The Brits saw right through it, and now also Americans are finally waking up. The French had their chance, but have now punted. The Dutch, perhaps better Protestants, are just now closing the gap between the globalist false rhetoric and reality. Democrats have failed to

“attack a political economy that works for the rich, big corporations, and the cultural elites, but not for average Americans.”–Stan Greenberg

Yes Stan you are the man! You don’t need to be Carnac the Magnificent to understand the Democrats are going to lose big in 2020, because they are quintessentially on the wrong side of history. And that also goes for the anti-Trump forces within the Republican Party like Paul Ryan. You want to be relevant Jeb? Embrace the plight of the common worker.


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