Fake News Network (aka CNN) retracts its fake news

fake news

CNN admitted they Published falsehoods, and were forced to issue a retraction.

CNN’s trusted sources got it all wrong once again, forcing the network to make a retraction after a statement from James Comey revealed that their original story was based on a false narrative that Comey would refute Trump’s claim that he was told he was not under investigation. But au contraire, Comey testified to the fact that is what he told the president, and there was no evidence of Trump/Russia collusion. Which means the Democrats are left with egg all over their faces, and were pandering a false narrative because of the irrational hatred of Trump’s nationalism. Showing without a doubt their hatred also of the “deplorables”, the working men and women who voted for the Trumpster. As Britain just showed, the Democrats are out of step with history and the people’s rejection of globalist nonsense from immigration to global warming, which I have argued was a post World War II German plot to achieve the goals of the Hitler Plan. Largely hatched in the Bilderberg Group yearly confabs. Globalism like the Zionist Fourth Estate is pure unadulterated bunkum.

Read more at http://thefreethoughtproject.com/cnn-published-fake-news-comey/#f7zmXRT28L46Pc9c.99


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