The real Comey bombshells?

James Comey admitted he helped leak privileged government communications and that Obama AG Loretta Lynch may have obstructed him in his probe into Clinton’s email server. The FBI later disclosed that there were indeed classified documents on Hillary Clinton’s private email server which constitutes a gross negligence felony. Yet, Mr. Comey refused to bring charges against Ms. Clinton.

In fact, HSBC upon which Comey was a member of its board of directors, had given generously to the Clinton Foundation. The reason Barack Obama tabbed Mr. Comey to be head of the FBI was as a choke point for any future prosecutions and investigations of the Democrat Party. Mr. Comey was clearly a globalist, and not any neutral or objective Republican appointee.

Like the globalists’ role model of the Nazi Party, the strategy is incrementalism or the chipping away at the apparatus of government until you take it over effecting rule changes like Jews can’t sit on public benches. The slow metamorphosis of society to fascism or in this case fascisocialism.

Finally, if the Democrats had real proof of Trump/Russia collusion, they would have used it prior to the election–not after. That they didn’t indicated the lack of substance behind the bluff.

The Zionist Fourth Estate jumped on this band wagon and have now also discredited themselves. So what started out about Trump, ended up being about the Democrats and the main stream press, and their irrational hatred of nationalism, the idea of putting the national interests of your country first. Globalism being nothing more than the internationalism of corporations to evade national control over emissions, work rules, and consumer protections.

Which is to say a complete and total work around what we would know to be democracy–its accountability to constituents. Finally, what are the globalists really after? Simple, they are trade union busting pure and simple using illegal immigration, H1-B and H2-B visas to drive down wages and increase the compensation of the professional managerial class.

They are waging class warfare, and I’m just surprised the Left doesn’t seem to recognize this. Instead, they have sought to use identity politics which is nothing more than the well worn strategy of dividing and conquering the working class.

Well, it’s worked up until Donald J. Trump came along. A rich guy that still embraces being American to the consternation of the globalists, that want to end individual liberty and democracy, substituting political correctness and technocratic top-down control of society.


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