A word to the wise . . .

American workers will follow the lead of the Brits and oust the Republicans. Rat Paul Ryan is not on the right side of history. People have had enough of the fake meme of global warming and other concocted nonsense by the .001 percent. Essentially the Rothschilds, George Soros and other Wall Street banksters. The globalists are union busting pure and simple employing immigration of all sorts to effect the downward thrust in wages. And then they saddle the public with war inflation to pay for their military adventurism, using the ruse of terrorism to justify gargantuan military expenditures to squeeze every last drop of surplus value from the peasantry to themselves. Strategically globalists are boosting the rate of profit of the professional managerial class at the expense of workers, using so-called trade deals, global warming, and any other ruse to screw workers. The question is whether Trump can get on the good side of history, i.e., the people, to remain in office. I would advise him, as I did for the Obama administration, to shift the balance of class forces by passing the Employee Free Choice Act. It would be even better if he started a new American Party to press for these national interests. The Republicans are a liability and not an asset, and every sharp businessman would recognize that. The Democrats have just about discredited themselves for the 2020 election with their nonsense about Russia hacking. Carpe Diem, dear readers. Believe it or not dear readers, a country drifting into Third World status needs an industrial policy to get back into the game of production to put people back to work.


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