While Americans childish attention is diverted to Comey, the U.S. is busy preparing World War III

The United States launched airstrikes against the Syrian government — On Tuesday. Anti-Media reported that America’s military launched airstrikes on pro-regime forces within Syria. In response, the Syrian government issued a statement that it intends to strike back if this red line continues to be crossed — this is because the U.S. is an invading force in Syria yet claims it is “defending” itself.

The U.S. are uninvited guests of Bashar al Assad, and are thus in violation of U.N. law. Yes, the invaders now claim they are the victim, like a bad Cathy Griffin photo-shoot. But this is precisely the mind set of the banksters that direct our government, to turn aggression into victimhood. Comey’s testimony is made to order to divert the public’s attention into the nonsense that a president lies, like oxygen has an elective affinity to combine with hydrogen to make water. Yes, one day Americans might just be nuked and be clueless as to why it happened. A serious polity they are not. Bread and circuses are their standard fare or like a Carl Jr. commercial,”don’t bother me I’m eating.”


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