Yet another violation of the Logan Act: Jerry Brown Plays President; Signs Climate Deal with China

Logan Act (1 Stat. 613, 18 U.S.C. § 953, enacted January 30, 1799) is a United States federal law that details the fine and/or imprisonment of unauthorized citizens who negotiate with foreign governments having a dispute with the United States. It was intended to prevent the undermining of the government’s position.[2] The Act was passed following George Logan’s unauthorized negotiations with France in 1798, and was signed into law by President John Adams on January 30, 1799.–Wikipedia

Commie California has now officially lost their marbles, if the University of California’s “political correctness” and abridgement of free speech wasn’t proof enough. Again, I call upon President Trump to nationalize the National Guard, and appoint a viceroy to govern the state of California, and jail Jerry Brown for the felony which violation of the Logan Act is.


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