Water is the main byproduct of CO2 emissions and . . .

Water vapor added to the atmosphere inevitably transitions to clouds. And cumulus clouds not only reflect solar radiation back into space but also produce rain. And rainfall not only lowers surface temperatures but also scrubs CO2 from the atmosphere.–National Sentinel, June 6, 2017

What is really going on in climate change is to produce CO2 emission futures to trade in. It is the equivalent otherwise of “flat earth theory”. Or how people once believed one could fall off the world. The Khazarian Mafia Banksters must be having quite a good laugh. More importantly the pluto-aristocrat globalists are using it to strip sovereignty and self determination from each and every inhabitant of the planet and transfer such power to a centralized body like the United Nations and the Papacy. Right up until Donald J. Trump came along, that is. Why Pope Francis promotes the United Nations Agenda 21 a not so cleverly disguised attack upon Capitalism and the Protestant faith. Frankly, if Queen Elizabeth I were to come back today she would quickly recognize the Papacy’s hand in globalism, now pushed by such Catholic traitors as Paul Ryan, John Boehner and Michael Hayden. They might as well have been foot soldiers of Morgan Tyrone, and Mary Queen of Scots.

The hallmark of rigorous science is replication, a clear statement of methodology, and access to raw data so other researchers can redo the experiment. In fact, as I mentioned previously, science seeks to close off a system and set it in motion varying causal factors and then comparing such results to a control model. And there is still no evidence or replicable studies that prove the global warming theory. None. However, that being the case, it is an excellent example in political science of power, realizing one’s will in the face of the resistance of others. The Reformation not only threw out the Papacy, but it also ushered in the era of the Enlightenment and science which Catholicism has been attempting to beat back ever since. Well “global warming” is their success story, up until now. Because it is not based upon replicable science, but upon blind faith.

This does not however preclude the possibility of geoengineering global warming using ionosphere heaters like the High Energy Active Auroal Research Program better known as HAARP to break up low pressure systems in the Pacific before they reach the West Coast.

Hahaha. Great stuff. And let’s face it, it took humanity a pretty long time to simply catch up to Copernicus to say nothing of Kepler. I suppose if Jackson Pollock can be called art, global warming can be called science, and a sucker is born every minute.


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