News Flash: Iran amassing troops around U.S. base in Syria

Of course, no mention of such facts is made in the Zionist Fourth Estate. There are many flash points where war could break out. It might very well end up, since Iran and China are allies, a war between the U.S., Britain, and Japan against the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. H.R. McMaster is however a Russiaphobe, and this is the long time line of the Bilderberg Group to demonize Russia and Putin. And what the 2016 election proved conclusively is that policy is being set by the globalist pluto-aristocrats and their neoconservative operatives. That is the greatest revelation of the 2016 election that our representatives aren’t elected, they are essentially selected. Not only that, but four members of the Trump administration are attending this year’s aristocrat convention in Chantilly Virginia. With the alternative media wondering aloud whether the Trumpster is not himself a Bilderberg selection. If nothing else, we now know the pluto-aristocrats have organized, and are confronted by the unorganized masses. There is absolutely no doubt that the organized will prevail over the unorganized resistance of others–the very definition of power. On another front, watch what the pluto-aristocrats do and not what they say. Something is definitely brewing by their actions. Not only did Jacob Rothschild liquidate his assets and move into gold, but John Podesta, Hillary’s campaign chief, has liquidated $40 billion of the Clinton Foundation and bought gold, diamonds and artwork. These actions are also mirrored in the moves of Stanley Druckenmiller who purchased $300 million in gold, and also George Soros last year made large purchases of gold and gold shares. Where there’s smoke there’s likely to be a fire.

Allow me to note a U.S. base in Syria goes counter to international law. Syria did not invite the U.S. to intervene in their country, while they did invite the Russians. So the invaders, the U.S. in this instance, now demands Syria’s allies to leave the area. Nothing gets more topsy-turvy than that. The invader is outraged that others are doing the same thing that it did. This non-sequitur logic is beside the point, all this nonsense is likely to lead to a major conflict, just as I’ve maintained before, as we are entering a downturn.


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