Flat Earth Science: the new epistemological politics


Trump just SAVED America from the disastrous Paris Climate Treaty fraud.

Science like every other person appears to be on the take. Mercenaries for hire to peddle whatever scientific theory advances some particularistic interest. For example, climate science advances the interest of the .001 percent, traders-banksters-hedge-funds and the like. Not your ordinary Joe Schmoe.

What he gets from such nonsense if he lives in
West Virginia, Kentucky, or some other backwoods is unemployment. Yes, while the banksters and hedge fund operators are trading CO2 emission futures and earning unconscionable fortunes deriving money from nothing; the people meanwhile literally get the shaft.

The Donald might not be perfect, but he will save some 1.1 million jobs for working stiffs, and such people are not going to be persuaded to vote for Democrats who spend most of their time paving the yellow brick road gold to the delight of the banksters. Who I might add are certainly not the Democrat traditional base.

But Democrats have become such loopy leftists, that libtards like Debbie Wasserman-Schultz could not even tell Chris Matthews what the difference was between Democrats and outright socialists.

As I’ve argued Catholicism and the sacraments is analogous to a welfare state, where one’s salvation is not earned and tested each day but delivered to the faithful through the Papacy and sacraments. As I see it, Catholicism leads directly to Jesuit socialism, and finally secular godless communism. Hence, the emergence of Bernie Sanders as a rising star in the Democrat firmament, and its new Latino base.

As the club Mediterranean countries have demonstrated socialism in whatever guise leads directly to impoverishment of the sort on grand display in Venezuela, Puerto Rico, and Brazil. That strikes this Protestant observer as a bad deal. And perhaps even worse for a Presbyterian of a Calvinist disposition. Oh you say The Donald is a Presbyterian? All I can say is “praise the lord for he works in mysterious ways.” We finally have a guy who recognizes a bad deal from a good deal.



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