British Bush-Barry bushwhack . . .

My take on the London terrorism is Theresa May wants to insure that the Beefeaters leave the EU, and that BREXIT stands. Another way of saying the Beefeaters want to make sure they are aligned with the United States. This is because the British and Yankees are united in their martial ardor for war. Specifically, perhaps an escalation in Syria, that will then draw in the Persians, and spread quickly to the Ukraine, and the Persian’s staunch ally the Chinese. In short, both the U.S. and Britain are preparing for World War III. Which brings us to more of Trump nonsense, like immigration. As in 1917 when we fought World War I, the Great War or the war to end all wars, we moved to seal off our borders from German espionage. Let’s get real, do you really imagine we care a rat’s ass about whether Mexicans are in our country. To the contrary, illegal immigration creates a surplus army of unemployed persons in the United States that places a constant downward pressure upon wages, and lifts profit margins for business. What we don’t need, however, is a Fifth Column of infiltrators that could disrupt a war effort. This stuff isn’t fooling anyone, least of all the Russkies and the Chinese. Obama was sent to us for one purpose, to undermine our best war efforts to ensure a transition to a New World Order annointing the Chinese yuan as the reserve currency for the world. Critically, the enemies of the U.S. reside not in Moscow or Beijing, but on Wall Street, just as such enemies existed prior to World War II–and were the major source of funding for the Nazi Party. Collectively the Germans are laughing their “arse’s” off. When the smoke clears, and as their competitors beat each other’s brains out, they could very well emerge as the new “world leader”. In many instances, already proclaimed by the Zionist Fourth Estate, who have crowned Angela the new leader of the free world. Incredible nonsense! What we have here is a neoconservative plot of supreme brilliance. And indeed, notice just how many neocons now reside in the Trump administration? From 16th century Spain infiltrated by Sephardic Jews, to Woodrow Wilson and World War I and the dodgy Balfour Agreement, the Skullcaps never miss a trick. My own baseball cap is off to them.


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