Numbers cruncher comes up with this: Study By MIT Economist: U.S. Has Regressed To A Third-World Nation For Most Of Its Citizens

Peter Temin, Professor Emeritus of Economics at MIT, believes the ongoing death of “middle America” has sparked the emergence of two countries within one, the hallmark of developing nations. In his new book, The Vanishing Middle Class: Prejudice and Power in a Dual Economy, Temin paints a bleak picture where one country has a bounty of resources and power, and the other toils day after day with minimal access to the long-coveted American dream.

In his view, the United States is shifting toward an economic and political makeup more similar to developing nations than the wealthy, economically stable nation it has long been. Temin applied W. Arthur Lewis’s economic model – designed to understand the workings of developing countries – to the United States in an effort to document how inequality has grown in America.– THE INTELLECTUALIST, April 20, 2017

Long a contention of your dear editor here. But the lemmings and academia had blinders on, but it was obvious what was occurring with the export of capital and jobs under the daft ideology of globalism. But this is not unusual. Ernest Edwin Williams wrote a series of articles warning the British people about the emerging challenge of German industry in 1896. It of course fell on deaf ears because no one could imagine Germans supplanting the British, the workshop of the world. Well, we of course know that it happened, and today no one could imagine, when I was doing graduate work, that the Chinese would supplant the U.S. as the number one industrial power of the world, but yet again it has happened. So both Britain and the U.S. are undeveloping, and need a development policy like any other Third World country. For those interested in Britain’s economic atavism see: Going South: Why Britain Will Have A Third World Economy by 2014, by Larry Elliott and Dan Atkinson. For the Trump solution just study the Sakoku period of Japan’s isolationist period. Placing Japan and America first you attempt to avoid the tapeworms that would suck your country dry of capital. In the U.S. case that would be the unleashing of speculation by parasites within and not without, that also leads to the stealth tax of inflation for all save those that receive the money first. And like 19th century Germany attempted to dump its excess production, China wishes to dump its production, like steel, on the U.S. market today driving U.S. producers out of business. But being a businessman Trump is not the moron that Obama was, or perhaps it was Obama’s real objective to drive U.S. industry into the ground for the likes of the Chinese and Germany. You might have noticed how complimentary Barry is of Angela. I think it is even likely that Mr. Soetoro was a German agent plant, courtesy of George H.W. Bush.
bush-barryBush-Barry or how to bushwhack the American electorate for Germany.

Recalling what Sun Tzu said about defeating your adversary even before one takes the field. That is what Germany hoped to do to the Yankees. The initial battle being but a mop-up operation.



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