Historian sees parallels between 1917 and today

Well yes. There is because that was the year the United States entered World War I. And they entered that war, according to Benjamin Harrison Freedman (a convert from Judaism) because the Jewish community, wanting access to Palestine, needed the U.S. to rescue the British in 1916 from defeat to the Huns in exchange for the Balfour Declaration.

Apparently, the squeaky clean Woodrow Wilson wasn’t so squeaky clean, having had an extra-marital affair while president of Princeton University. Yes, you guessed it: the Jewish community put the screws to Woodrow, no pun intended. And as always, before entering a major war like World War I, the U.S. government began to tighten up its borders and who was coming into the country.

This time the Jewish community wants us to go to war against Iran. That is precisely what’s happening today, a replay of World War I. We are getting ready for a major war, i.e., total war, and sealing access to our borders. The plan appears to be to go after Iran, that will then draw in the real culprit, the People’s Republic of China.

Whether we win or lose this war will hinge on what Putin and Russia do, whether they come in on the side of China and Iran, or whether they stay neutral. The globalist response to this Trump initiative is to antagonize Russia to ensure they side with members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. The globalists want an American defeat to usher in their New World Order.

However, this war will be very close because the Japanese will provide the Chinese with all they can handle in the Pacific basin, and have been loyal to American hegemony. Right now it looks like a conflict between the U.S., Japan, and Britain vs. Iran, and China. The wildcard being Putin. Now the Krauts couldn’t care less if these guys end up destroying one another, as long as they’re not drawn into the festivities. By remaining neutral they’ll rule the roost after the war–barring that the Russkies, again, do not come into the war on our side.

Which all points up the need for Donald J. Trump to clean the government of all globalists who are prepared to stab him in the back–like rat Ryan did during the primaries. Yes, a Night of the Long Knives cannot be ruled out if Trump is actually to survive to 2020.


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