Forces of evil never sleep . . . the climate accord

The neo-class war unites the pluto-aristocrats internationally against working people, who are at a disadvantage because they are unorganized. By contrast, the new union of pluto-aristocrats convene yearly under the logo of the Bilderberg Group. It is a political union to push the money interests of the pluto-aristocrats in every country. Dear readers, organization will beat the unorganized every time, and the climate accord which is an assault upon every American worker and other proles around the world.

First and foremost, the pluto-aristocrats have taken over the Zionist Fourth Estate to push their pluto-aristocratic interests transmitted vis. monetary policy. The climate accord is a scam to create out of thin air a crypto-product, emission futures to trade in. It of course will be worth in the trillions to trade in these emissions futures of CO2, an element required for basic plant life.

Secondly, as I’ve noted previously, the pluto-aristocrats wish to hand off the reserve currency status from the U.S. to the Chinese. This is because all pluto-aristocrats like the command and control of Stalinism and Lenin.

But really it is farcical because China is the world’s current greatest polluter. Under the terms of the Paris agreement, China must make zero cuts in carbon emissions before “around 2030.” In the meantime, China is emitting more carbon dioxide than any other country. It in fact emits twice as much as the US, yet the New York Times, a rag for the pluto-aristocrats, maintains Donald J. Trump’s exit from the Paris accord will transfer world leadership in environmentalism to the Chinese. Hardly believable.

Hahahaha. I’m rolling on the floor right now with incredulity. What a pile of horse shit.

But what it would have meant if The Donald had remained in the Paris accord is the loss of employment for some 1.1 million Americans, according to a study conducted by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

And besides there are ways to employ coal with less CO2 emissions. For example, Clean Coal Technology Inc.’s Pristine-M patent raises BTU in coal fired plants resulting in fewer coal emissions. Which of course means without the Paris accord CO2 emission will go down as such technology comes online. And America has the technology to supply and refit coal burning power plants.

No, the purpose of the Paris climate accord is to siphon off U.S. sovereignty and self determination to a centralized pluto-aristocratic controlled U.N. That is what Barry was up to from day one of his administration. He couldn’t give a damn about environmentalism, but he did care about his environmental cronies who wanted to trade in CO2 Futures.


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