Another story the globalists are attempting to suppress on my blogsite

extreme vetting
Pinko leftists have their heads up their butts. And since they’re being empowered by Democrats that should tell you something about their chances in the next general election after we go to war. Their chances: nil and none! Again, this results from the fact the Jewish community wants us to do their dirty work in Iran. It just so happens it meshes with our own interests of going to war with China. So look out Chinese Americans! All those FEMA camps were built with a purpose and are now operational. Though I will say they at least look more comfortable than what Japanese Americans had to endure at Manzanar. So don’t look for the Jewish community to aid you, as historian Ellen Eisenberg documents so well in her book, “The First to Cry Down Injustice,” because the Jewish community wanted to intervene in Europe they went along to get along with the concentration camps in the U.S. It’s not a cheap book because it’s a limited edition academic run, but it’s thoroughly worth the price.


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