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Posted on December 15, 2016 by ptaka71907 Standard

The Democratic Party has become everything that it once loathed: elitist, globalist, interventionist, self-serving, warmongering and overflowing with hubris.–Charles Hugh Smith, Washington Blog, December 15, 2016

Ha ha ha ha. You have got to love the libtard Democrats. For example, I did not leave the Democrats, the party left me and other so-called deplorables that support the trade union movement.

This is why the Democrats in 2009 killed the Employee Free Choice Act, that would have made union organizing easier, and would have rebalanced the disequilibrium in social class forces. Barry Soetoro was the person behind that move. Hence, when Hillary began running on the idea of four more years of the Black Interlocutor’s so-called successful economy the deplorables had to gag themselves with a spoon.

Again while the Democrats played the identity politics game, to woeful results, it became clear that they still wanted to wage class warfare against the workers. Bad idea. Especially when there was some 94.5 million out of the labor force because of Barry’s economic policies. Well, if I said it once I’ll say it again. Those folks went to the polls to get revenge just as they did in 1932 when they came out to vote for FDR.

And guess what? The banksters had unleashed speculation then leading to the Great Depression, as the banksters have done today creating bubbles in the bond market, stock market, and the real estate market. It is through speculation and its attendant inflation that the Wall Street boys transfer wealth to themselves at the expense of the bottom 99 percent.

That’s the freakin’ reason why Blue Dog Democrats crossed and voted for the Donald. The Democrats have morphed into the defenders of capital in their support of Wall Street banksters. And when they had an opportunity to move in another direction, they elect NANCY PELOSI to lead them in the House. Go figure. These people must be brain dead since they have learned nothing from the beating they took in the general election virtually everywhere except Communist California, and New York Na-naLand.


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