Attempted censor by U.S. government . . . I.E., the FBI (My guesstimate)

backpackABC News photo
Backpack that held the bomb in the Boston Marathon bombing. As you can clearly see it had a rectangular white patch on it.


Now look at the three subjects with backpacks spotted at the Boston Marathon on the day of the bombing. The first two are of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, and his brother Tamerlan Tsarnaev. Notice carefully that their backpacks do not have a white rectangular patch. However, the third suspect, an employee of Craft security service does have a white patch on his backpack. Ergo: at least for the bomb that went off near the finish line, where the Craft employee was standing, the brothers were not the author of that bomb. The most likely culprit remains the Craft employee, shown running after the detonation without now his backpack. But the mainstream press and Hollywood accomplices would have you think otherwise like some half-wit cultural dope. My guess is that at least Tamerlan Tsarnaev was working for the CIA, and former CIA station chief Graham Fuller, who just happened to have a direct relationship to Ruslan Tsarnaev, the uncle of the Tsarnaev brothers. Ruslan having married Graham Fuller’s daughter Samantha Fuller. Of course not investigated by the Zionist Fourth Estate. It points up the modus operandi of the globalists. They are waging politics (i.e., war by other means) by way of deception, beginning with Barack Obama who was likely born in Kenya. Politics and war being two sides of the same coin amounting to power, or the ability to realize one’s will even against the resistance of others. I would add, citizen researchers should continue to probe Mr. Obama’s real identity. The fat lady hasn’t sung yet on this controversy. If I had to guess, Obama was set up as such by the Jewish American community, as Hitler also received funding from the Jewish banking community in pre-World War II Germany. To say nothing, of Hitler’s funding by the likes of Prescott Bush and Allen Dulles who funneled money to the Nazi Party through the Union Banking Corporation. Google it and you’ll discover that UBC was seized by the U.S. government because the bank was trading with the enemy–Germany. Indeed the role of Germany in the Obama deception has yet to be flushed out. Though every time the globalists hit a rough spot, the Obama high tailed it to Germany to meet with Angela Merkel, who is not who you think she is.

Dear readers,
I believe the government attempted to erase the above pictures from my blogsite. They are on my machine 24/7 because they represent totalitarianism, pure and simple. So I urge you all to copy this post for your own personal records. More importantly, I believe the culprits are most likely working for Barack Obama or are part of the Deep State still doing his handiwork which is to undermine the United States. The bombing itself occurred on Patriot’s Day, and was a sloppy operation to frame American patriots for an act of violence and terrorism. Who can forget the corrupt FBI asking for help to identify the Tsarnaev brothers, when they had them under surveillance for years, and according to their mother had visited the family residence. Think critically my dear readers, the forces of evil never sleep. I think it telling that we allowed such a quisling to ascend to the presidency, whose actions are now mercifully being reversed by President Trump. It srikes me as a lack of critical reflection. This bombing was so similar to similar acts of Operation Gladio in Italy in the 1980s, you would have thought the Red Brigade was still in business.


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