The Paris climate pact a scam to transfer national sovereignty to the U.N.; meanwhile it will have virtually little effect upon so-called global warming


Hollywood Rips Trump Over Paris Agreement Exit: ‘Will Have the Death of Whole Nations on His Hands’

I don’t think so. Here is a graph of temperatures as recorded by Woodfortress website.
Since 1998 temperatures have not kept pace with CO2 emissions, which falsifies climate change theory. Temperatures, as the chart shows have stalled. Now 1000 years ago during the Medieval period, temperatures were even hotter than they are today, and of course there was no industrial pollution to speak of. In other words, earth temperatures must naturally fluctuate, and cannot easily be laid at the doorstep of man made pollution. As the above chart shows the correlation between temperature and CO2 emissions isn’t tracking correctly. What is the scam going on here with so-called “climate science?” Causal science requires the ability to close off systems, and place the system in motion by varying suspected causal factors and comparing to another system not so manipulated. You cannot do that with a so-called global science. You are at best able to cite correlations, but your models can be under specified lacking all relevant variables. In fact, there could be an intervening variables you haven’t thought of at all that are relevant. Blown predictions like the above that temperatures will follow CO2 emissions suggest problems with the climate change models. CO2 emissions in 2011, according to the World Resources Institute, were 150 times higher than they were in 1850, yet temperatures have stalled since 1998. In other words, it is not a slam dunk, and Donald J. Trump is justified in not signing on to a theory that has all the probity of phlogiston. In that theory there was also consensus of the scientific community, but it was completely wrong. As Bertrand Russell remarked all the experts might agree but yet be wrong.


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