A 1642 style civil war coming to a neighborhood near thee


Students at Evergreen College in Washington State demanded all white students and staff leave the campus, then when a professor publicly criticized them via email, they completely lost it. Recorded on video, they then marched through campus demanding the professor’s resignation, confronting him and screaming “Fuck you,” and calling him a “piece of shit,” demanding he apologize for his email.

In New Orleans Antifa globalists gathered to protest and were met by American patriots. Scuffles now ensue almost nightly. American patriots will not back down, and it is only a matter of time before armed warfare will occur. Strikingly similar to the peasant wars of the early 16th century when Catholicism began to crumble in England. That too was a popular uprising by the peasants against the elites of Henry VIII’s court, and most certainly Thomas Cromwell. Today the shoe is on the other foot. The Catholics under the guise of Jesuit Pope Francis and the globalists are attempting to win back that which they lost in the 17th century.

But don’t be fooled or misinformed.

This is a religious war. The main stream press likes to obscure the fact by using monikers like progressive and nationalist or populists. But this is becoming a war between the Jewish American community, Catholics, and Blacks against Protestant Americans that remain loyal to the Constitution, and most importantly the rule of law. Under the globalists, Big Brother Barry selectively chose which laws he would or would not enforce. Barry had set himself up, with executive orders to be an Emperor for the new globalist aristocracy. More comically, Barry deigned to say one could control the heavens and climate change, but could not stem the tide of illegal immigrants.

Antifa and the Stalinist globalists wish to side step the Constitution, but Americans and the militias will not step aside. The word after their last beat down is that Antifa is getting better martial training to confront American patriots that are often military veterans. The spark or Iskra to ignite civil war cannot be far off.

Like John Brown at Harper’s Ferry I’m anticipating the Protestants striking first like the Calvinist Brown. I don’t think the world understands just how religious the United States remains. The First Amendment entails Freedom of Religion–for a reason. It smoulders with patriotic fervor and requires but a spark to set it in motion. Call it globalists vs. capitalists, or globalists vs. nationalists, but in truth it will all be about God’s plan and how he works in mysterious ways.

The globalists have crossed the line and will be met in the streets by real fanatic Protestants, the Scotch-Irish that Theodore Roosevelt once noted pretty much made this country. As I’ve always maintained, lands that were conquered rarely allow the return of the ethnic groups that were once given the boot to. Yes, it is nationalism–the strongest social force on the planet: God, Country, and Guns. For myself, I say off with their heads, i.e., the globalists who have hijacked our country and the American quislings that are on its payroll. Notwithstanding Kathy Griffin, we look forward to placing the quislings heads on the chopping block.


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