Revelation of the day: Clinton knew precisely the source of the DNC leak

One of the biggest revelations from my interview is when my source told me every printer on the planet now places a series of dots and watermarks on the page able to identify who printed it, where it was printed and even what computer printed it and more! He said less than 15 people in the world know everything that can be done with these watermarks and the special software used to decipher them! This is very important because my source told me the Department of Justice demanded scans of the physical copies of the leaks be given to them and my source says this allowed the Clinton Deep State to track all the leaks back to Seth Rich!–Anonymous, Wednesday, May 24, 2017 17:39

See previous post for the significance of “Panda” email handle. As Kim Dotcom said, it was used by Seth Rich. Likely scenario: Bill Clinton got results of the Deep State software used to track the leaks directly to Seth Rich from Loretta Lynch of the Justice Department in the now famed tarmac encounter. That was on June 30, 2016 and on July 10, 2016 Rich was assassinated.

Somewhere within the Justice Department an IT person knows whether Justice Department software was used to trace Seth Rich in the email given to WikiLeaks through the intermediary of Kim Dotcom. For now, the likely scenario will have to remain speculation, but the timeline fits. That’s all I can surmise. But as Occam’s Razor suggests, the best hypothesis is the one most straight forward and with fewest assumptions. In this case, Jon Podesta and Hillary are behind the Seth Rich assassination. Or Cui Bono? They had the most to gain from silencing the DNC voter analytics researcher.

That is the latest.


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