The Illuminati Plan

As Bashar al Assad observes, Donald J. Trump has completely capitulated to the powers that be–the Khazarian Mafia banksters, the Military-Industrial-Security-Complex, and the so-called Deep State. Yes, he has flip-flopped 180 degrees on pretty much every one of his campaign promises. Now the boorish act he is putting on at the NATO meeting is designed to carry out the Illuminati’s plan to discredit the United States in the eyes of the world, that will prepare for the handing off of world power from the U.S. to the People’s Republic of China. That is to sow the seeds of doubt that will lead to a sell-off of U.S. debt and devastate the U.S. dollar. That is the plan, but The Donald is not exactly the dufus everyone takes him to be. Russiagate is a ruse to entrap and ensnare the Zionist Fourth Estate and the Democrat Party and expose them as traitors. And I would say they have indeed taken the bait. As Bob Woodward has been saying, the smug press had better look out because it is unlikely that Donald J. Trump will be gone anytime soon. I concur. When Mike Morell and Woodward of Watergate fame, and an expert on intelligence himself make statements saying there is no evidence to support Russiagate, the press and Democrats are barking up the wrong tree by design or should I say the butt of a war waged by deception.


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