Globalist lackey Obama praises Merkel’s EU “democracy”

Like I guess the fact that Berlin has not allowed the Netherlands and France to vote on the EU constitution, or ignores the Greek people’s vote to leave the EU and eurozone. You mean that kind of democracy, don’t you? When you don’t allow votes Barry, where precisely is the democracy?

Hahahaha. Barry is nothing more than a purveyor of fascism under the guise of globalism, but the actions are what count, and not the fact Barry’s lips are moving and saying grandiose crap like democracy. As the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court revealed, Barry or Big Brother Barry was spying on American citizens without a FISA warrant, and indeed unmasking said Americans caught up in his surveillance actions. That doesn’t sound so much like democracy as it does a police state. He like Angela are, both by the way, crpto-politicos whose pedigree remains a closely guarded secret. If I had to hazard a guesstimate, Barry is nothing more than an intelligence agency construct like Richard Dreyfuss in Moon over Parador. Maybe even some schmuck dragged off the street to impersonate a leader. As for getting elected, that process was pretty much shown to be fixed by the powers that be–even if one wins or loses. If the unexpected wins, he or she is not going to be allowed to govern by the Zionist Fourth Estate and the deep state. The whole shit is rigged so that there is no change to the two sacred cows of the Federal Reserve, and Military-Industrial-Security Complex.


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