Observation of the day: Trump will be scapegoated for the coming economic debacle

I have been very critical of Donald Trump recently, and it is my view, according to the evidence and his swift retraction of nearly every promise he made to the voters during his campaign, that Trump is controlled opposition. But, I would never lay the blame for our fiscal decline at his feet. Trump does not have the power to create that kind of disaster; only the global banks have that power. I’ll say it again — the Federal Reserve is raising interest rates into a major financial downturn. This will be the trigger for the next phase of collapse, not any drama surrounding Donald Trump. Everything else, from Comey to North Korea, is distraction.–Brandon Smith, Activist Post, May 24, 2017.

Raising rates into a slowing economy is something I’ve repeatedly mentioned to my dear readers. It is beyond doubt a recipe for disaster when you have an economy as leveraged as our own. People are slowly being forced to liquidate assets to meet margin calls. Yes, this will pop all three bubbles in real estate, stocks, and bonds. And when the bubble pops, governments are going to be in big time trouble as tax revenues fall. Now I watch California governor Jerry Brown closely. He is a Jesuit insider with access to future events through the banksters. In fact, no state has benefited more from lax monetary policy of the Fed than California. Brown has gotten very realistic lately. When he said prior to the year the state’s budget mess was over, he in January declared that state revenues were contracting, and now predicts a $1.6 billion deficit by 2018. When governor moonbeam gets realistic it is a sure sign of the SHTF. The collapse that the Khazarian Mafia banksters are engineering for the country will hit California among the hardest. So what is Trump to do. I say he finds a war, and reemploys the lemmings or useless eaters with a conscription. North Korea, Syria, Ukraine, or Iran, it doesn’t matter because it–the conflict–would in short order go global. What we know, as people like Bashar al Assad knows, The he-man Donald has pretty much capitulated to the banksters and the Military-Industrial-Security Complex. A war must be risked to save globalism like Hitler invaded Czechoslovakia and Poland to same the Nazi movement.


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