According to the Department of Health and Human Services

Their data shows that under ObamaCare:

. . . average premiums doubling nationwide and Americans paying nearly $3,000 more for health insurance per year, this report is a sobering reminder of why reforming our healthcare system remains a top priority of the Trump Administration. The status quo is unsustainable.”

In other words, effective demand in the economy was commensurately reduced by the above amount. And now the Federal Reserve non-logically decides to raise rates into this slowdown. My guess, the Fed needs to raise quickly now so that they have some bullets left to deal with the coming Greater Depression, or at least some talking points to maintain some relevance. But like the Catholic Church and Papacy during the reign of Henry VIII, they are going to be swept away in a Second Protestant Reformation. Gutenberg fueled Martin Luther, as the internet now fuels “End the Fed,” and our own aristocracy’s criminality. So perhaps now the true reason why the Khazarian Mafia banksters positioned Latinos as the middleman minority is becoming manifest. They will easily be scapegoated for the coming collapse while the Khazarian Mafia banksters slink away to Israel–the true cause of the coming debacle. And the more the Zionist Fourth Estate promotes the fantasy of a strong economy, the closer the day of reckoning must be. Latinos “be Bro'” the Jewish American community’s rear guard when they finally have to retreat. Again there will be a bunch of ordinary Jews just minding their business that will fail to heed the clear warning signs of social chaos dead ahead. This is the completion of the Hitler Plan: to get most if not all Jews to return to the promised lands, just in time for the final Armageddon. I have also made this observation repeatedly, the Frankist Illuminati while they claim Jewish Heritage, in truth, wish to eradicate it along will all religions–save that of science. They have played the game masterfully.


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