Russia’s primary targets in any first strike:

– Washington, D.C.

– New York City

– Chicago

– Los Angeles

– Dallas/Fort Worth

– Miami

– Seattle

– Houston

– Denver

– Philadelphia

– San Francisco

– Phoenix

– Tampa

– St. Louis

– Minneapolis

– Boston

– Atlanta

How the U.S. will indeed handle demographic warfare with real thermonuclear war.

The goal of Aztlan is to annex the Southwest, and this is precisely the area the Pentagon will likely sacrifice in its showdown with Russia’s Putin. In point of fact if you looked at the Jade Helm military exercises in preparation for war, the area employed was precisely that of Aztlan.

A similar strategy was devised for Europe, an attempt to confine nuclear exchanges between the U.S. and Russia to Europe. As the United States was prepared to sacrifice Europe, it will also sacrifice the Southwest, as the primary targets of Russia above indicate. More likely the United States will defend the eastern seaboard–Washington D.C. and New York City.

The demonization of Russia is of course the justification of a first strike attack. But I do not think we can knock out Russia’s second strike response. The ABM system must work perfectly on the very first occasion, and I ask my dear readers whether anything works perfectly on its initial test. In any event, Russia has developed underwater nuclear weapons that will produce huge tsunamis to inundate the entire West Coast, not to mention their other more conventional nuclear weapons like the Tsar Bomba.

The U.S. ABM systems will not be effective against either these underwater systems or even Russia’s new hypersonic missiles launched from submarines with lower throw weights. That is also how the U.S. will remedy the demographic crisis it has created in the Southwest by not monitoring its borders effectively.

In the end, the U.S., just like Israel will move to become an apartheid state, because it is preeminently a permanent war economy that cannot tolerate an enemy within to go with its numerous external threats. When somebody comes along and says he is going to Make America Great Again, that is really just code for a future war. One indeed supported by both political parties.


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