Trump will even win easier in 2020 because of Democrats’ communist tilt

As the Democrat Party state convention exposed, the party will be dragged even further leftward into communism, by the Stalinist styled California Nurses Association, led by Kimberly Ellis an activist spokesperson running for a leadership position in the California delegation.

But I want to know, how these Berniecrats look themselves in the mirror when they acquiesced to the murder of Seth Rich, a Democrat political analyst and Bernie Sanders supporter who was gunned down from behind on the streets of Washington D.C. in 2016, after he released DNC emails to WikiLeaks Julian Assange showing clear collusion between the DNC and the Clinton campaign.

They claim they wish to stand for something other than corporate Wall Street. But au contraire, they cannot even stand up for the rule of law when it comes to their leadership–and Hillary Clinton. In point of fact, the Berniecrats should be leading the charge to jail their one-time presidential nomination. If they really wanted to be progressive, and not just Stalinist lackeys, they would be leading the call for an investigation of the Seth Rich murder.

The California Nurses Association is pathetic, and why they will lose by an even greater margin in 2020 in a general election. What fueled the reformer Oliver Cromwell’s victory in the English civil war was an attention to political corruption, and the kings that believed they were above the law. To make his point that no one is above the law, Cromwell had Charles I beheaded. Now that got the attention of the Royalist Cavaliers.

The shit that went down at the Democratic convention over the weekend impresses no one, least of all the establishment DNC in bed with Wall Street. Further, if you really wanted to get Democrat leadership attention all you have to do is suggest an end to the Federal Reserve and the Military-Industrial-Security Complex.

In fact, the money to pay for the Nursing Association grand plan of universal healthcare can only be freed up by attacking these two sacred cows worshiped by both parties. Then these air-head Berniecrats will experience real push-back and resistance or as Hegel once remarked, you have not engaged reality until it resists you. Grow the fuck up! You people haven’t a clue.


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