In the 1960s, President John F. Kennedy thought he was in charge, and he was assassinated for his belief. JFK blocked an invasion of Cuba, the Northwoods project, a preemptive nuclear strike on the Soviet Union, and spoke of ending the Cold War.

In the 1970s President Nixon was driven from office, because he thought he was in charge of foreign policy. Like Kennedy, Nixon was a threat to the national security state. Nixon pushed through SALT 1 and the anti-ABM Treaty, and he opened to China, defusing those tensions as well. The military/security complex saw its budget dwindling as the threat dwindled. Nixon also determined to withdraw from Vietnam, but was constrained by the national security state. Nixon, the most knowledgeable president about foreign affairs, was forced from office, because his efforts in behalf of peace constituted a threat to the power and profit of the military/security complex.

It is important to understand that there is no evidence whatsoever against Nixon in the Washington Post “investigation.” The Post’s reporters simply put together a collection of inuendoes that cast aspersion on Nixon, whose “crime” was to say that he learned of the Watergate buglary at a later date than he actually did. Nixon kept the burglary quiet until after his reelection, because he knew that the CIA’s Washington Post would use it in an effort to prevent his reelection.

The “crime” for which Nixon was really removed was his success in establishing more peaceful and stable relations with Russia and China.–Paul Craig Roberts, Zero Hedge, May 19, 2017

Donald J. Trump attempts to improve relations with Russia and is promptly set upon. This is because the Military-Industrial-Security Complex is the primary means of transferring wealth (i.e., surplus value or value added) out of the lemmings into the hands of the One Percent club.

Russia must be demonized to provide a rationale for humongous expenditures on weapons systems to fight foes that no longer exist. It is how folks like Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, and the rest of the GOP globalists enrich themselves.

We spend more money on the military than the rest of the world combined. Globalism is more like a code word for the permanent war economy, that remained after World War II. No longer was the motto: “what is good for GM is good for America.” The motto is now: “what is good for General Dynamics and Raytheon is good for the country.”

To the contrary, as real wages adjusted for military inflation attest to, the nation–no nation–not even the United States can prosper with a program of both guns and butter. However a Military-Industrial-Security Complex must pay for itself, not by waging useless wars of choice for Israel, but can only pay for itself through military conquest of new resources and territory.

What comes in must be greater than what goes out.

Sooner or later, as Germany turned its sights upon the resource rich Ukraine and Russia, the United States must turn its permanent war economy upon the resource rich southern hemisphere. That was the logic of Germany’s Military-Industrial-Security Complex, and it will be our fate as well.

Otherwise, the permanent war economy will drive the U.S. into insolvency. That is the other alternative. That is where American racism derives from–CONQUEST. So just as we turned Native Americans into heathens and savages, the Japanese into Japs and Nips, the Vietnamese into slopes and gooks, we shall turn the southern hemisphere into greasers and taco-bowls. That’s my prediction . . . or the nation will fiscally fail. Military adventurism must pay for itself; that’s just the bottom line.


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