The attacks upon Trump will bring down the house of cards

In my humble opinion the appointment of Robert Mueller as a special prosecutor could very well bring down the House of Cards, aka the U.S. economy. First, the fundamental data is not all positive, as retail sales, retail bankruptcies, and retail layoffs testify to. The attacks upon the clueless Trump means 1) there will most likely be no stimulus programs to rebuild the infrastructure, anytime soon, and 2) the much anticipated tax cut also is not going to happen. That will give investors pause, literally, as the 370 point Dow decline Wednesday demonstrates. If they meaning the Trump administration does not right the ship quickly, investors are going to bolt and start liquidating and moving into a safe haven like precious metals. And with Mueller’s appointment that does not look very likely anytime soon. The biggest bubble currently exists in sovereign debt, and where the sell-off would be devastating. Without the stimulus and tax-cut, the economy simply will not cut it and that should rationally push investors to the sidelines. The Democrats have produced a black swan that could very well topple the financial House of Cards. We should remember the Democrats came to power after the last Great Depression, and might figure they are better positioned to recapture power again with an even Greater Depression. Assuming that the polity forgets that it was their prior leadership that produced the Greater Depression. Why I’m sure they figured they could pin the Greater Depression on the patsy Trump. But they will have no answer, because there are none except airy promises and platitudes. Globalism is a complete failure, and the Greater Depression will proceed to unravel what is left of it. Currency wars give way to trade wars and then to real wars.


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