Terrorist admits to staging Syria chemical attack

According to a report by Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA),

Terrorist, Walid Hendi confessed to taking part in fabricating videos and photos for a Turkish TV channel while working with the so-called “White Helmets” that depict neighborhoods and areas in Aleppo being attacked with chemical weapons in order to blame the Syrian Arab Army.

In confessions broadcast by the Syrian TV on Saturday evening, al-Hendi said that he joined the “White Helmets” three years ago in return for receiving funds from the so-called “local council” and financers from Arab Gulf countries. Hendi said that they were told that there will be chemical attacks, and they were given protective clothing and they staged a fake chemical attack that was filmed by a Turkish channel, adding that they were filmed by two people called Ibrhaim al-Haj and Mohammad al-Sayyed as they sounded sirens and brought stretchers to transport supposedly injured people, with the intent of posting these videos online and accusing the Syrian Arab Army of carrying out a chemical attack.

Not too surprising. The previous Syria chemical attack in 2013 was also staged. As noted in previous posts, Syria is one of the few remaining countries not to have a Rothschild controlled central bank. The U.S. serves as their gangster or bankster muscle to force countries to pay up their “interest” on fiat conjured money–like from thin air. That is always getting something for nothing. Or as Dire Straits sings: “Money for Nothing”. This Ponzi scam works by backing the funny money with the U.S. military, as long ago noted by Marine General Smedley Butler. Or Money is a Racket. The real hoot is that the U.S. without the Khazarian Mafia banksters’ Monopoly Money is your basic Third World country. Once the “international travelers” strip a country of its wealth, they will find a new host for their tape worm activity. Often times before the host finds it is infected with a parasite, it is too late. That is the situation of today’s U.S. It was slowly starved to death from productive investment and led to speculation and consumption through lax monetary policies of the Fed . . . made possible by jettisoning the dollar’s backing to gold. And then the marx brothers (aka. the FOMC) at the Fed plays dumb, like who could have guessed? Amusing and sad simultaneously or you don’t know whether to laugh or cry.


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