California headed for the dumpster . . . pension and healthcare liabilities jump to $279 billion

Get real Libtards of California. Your socialism has resulted in the same morass as that of the Federal Government without the right to print fiat currency. According to more accurate reporting of the state budget, Californians owe $279 billion to fund state pensions and healthcare. What the state will do is to close this humongous gap by borrowing money to fund their socialism. But at some point investors of state bonds will realize the state can never repay said debt or promises, and dump the worthless paper. Unlike the dodgy Federal Government, California can go bankrupt with the wankers that now control the state assembly and senate. And good ol’ Jerry just happens to be on his way out. The massive chaos to come in the state won’t be on dodgy Jerry’s watch. Like no doubt his hero Robert Rubin he’ll be long gone and sitting on a beach chair while some other Libtard wanker takes the blame. But I for one believe people who cause the problem should also get the credit for the coming disaster. This is what happens when you allow the three stooges (Brown, Rendon, and de Leon) run your government. Just remember my own little maxim: socialism only works by spending other people’s money. Either taxes are raised to the moon or you borrow to the moon to keep the house of cards from collapsing, sooner or later California’s Ponzi scheme is going to unravel. Puerto Rico here we come!

And if you think Silicon Valley is going to save this mess; think again. Most of their genius companies have little to no earnings to justify their clearly expensive valuations. The tide will also turn on this gigantic bubble. In fact most of the advance of the stock market can be accounted for by just five companies: Face Book, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google. Two of those companies were startups of the Central Intelligence Agency, and primarily used to monitor the U.S. citizenry like in Eric Blair’s 1984. Indeed, Face Book results from intellectual theft by Mark Zuckerberg. The only legitimate commercial enterprises are the remaining three. With the market rising with such a narrow base of companies, I frankly do not think it is “sustainable”. Yes, the Illuminati have positioned the stock market right on the precipice, from where they can pull the plug anytime they wish. Do they dare? Not yet, but the globalists cannot dodge bullets forever, the lemmings have caught onto their fascists plans to bypass democratic controls through dodgy trade deals. In fact, had France’s Marine Le Pen prevailed I think we would already be fighting World War III. This nonsense is being held together with spit and a prayer.


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