Morgan Stanley macro indicator flashing danger!

economy tanking

“if US growth failed to gain momentum in 2Q, this would likely rattle markets. A plunge in our real-time big-data activity indicator in the US, ARIA, hints at a possible softening in 2Q GDP tracking estimates. Such softening could challenge the conjecture that the gap between soft surveys and hard data will be closed by the subdued hard data converging to elevated sentiment levels.”–Ellen Zentner, Morgan Stanley chief economist, May 14, 2017

The economy is tanking. But you’ll never hear about it from the Zionist Fourth Estate. No, no, no everything is going swimmingly. Well, B.S. to that. We’re near or nearly to the tipping point where war will be used to distract the lemmings from the folly of the globalists. The globalists meanwhile have been setting up the usual middleman patsy to take the heat for their financial nonsense of speculation. Blame the Jews or at least the Frankist Khazarian Mafia banksters. That of course doesn’t always work out as planned, and Jews just minding their business and getting on with life end up the targets of an aggrieved country. No, this current mess cannot be fixed. Not by Trump, not by anyone. There is simply too much debt, so spending is being curbed. I would also note that China is also slowing badly, for pretty much the same thing–the issuance of too much credit. I suggest dear readers that you keep your eye on the ball. The Democrats are really the architects of this fiasco. And they are the ones who should pay the price with their army of socialist agitators. Second, in line are GOP globalists like Paul Ryan, James Comey, John McCain, Lindsey Graham and other treasonous globalists aligned with Germany, and Great Britain’s Rothschilds.


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