Now that we know that AQ is our asset we can stop talking nonsense


The United States is using terrorist organizations like al-Qaeda to effect regime changes, most likely for the benefit of our “special” friend, Israel.

Therefore, the refugee crisis was engineered by the United States to further globalism which points strategically to a single world currency. That is what the Rothschilds want, but Russia is not on board. They understand, meaning Vladimir Putin, that control of the money supply gives the issuer of the dodgy currency also control of the economy. In other words, the Putin does not want to give the keys to the car to the Rothschilds.

Hence, sooner or later there will be war or globalism will be scrapped.

Globalism is not in the interests of workers anywhere in the world, other than the replacement of native workers with lower paid illegal workers. In short, globalism wants to use for example Latin Americans as scabs to increase profits for globalist North Americans by lowering wages. It’s as simple as that. In the process they create a brain drain for the country that sends the immigrants. This serves two purposes. It prevents the emergence of challengers to American hegemony by taking the cream of the crop of workers, in the manner that Britain siphoned off Indian talent. Secondly, they want to replace expensive American workers with Latin American scabs. Hence to obfuscate this class conflict the Rothschilds have turned it into an issue of race and ethnicity as opposed to labor and capital. They did the same thing in the recent French presidential election courtesy of the Zionist Fourth Estate.

However, in the bargain they increase the costs of crime for which the American prison system and taxpayer must pony up the money. For we know the Latinos make up about 17 percent of the general population, but 34 percent of the prison population according to the Bureau of Prisons. The globalists are underestimating these costs to society, but for country’s like Sweden, crime has soared making open door immigration a very expensive proposition. Consequently, the Swedish Social Democrat Party is on the rise, a right-wing nationalist movement. That is the primary conundrum of globalism is that it gives rise to its own nemesis in nationalism.

This of course is not new, the same strategy was employed by English capital to break the English working class with Irish labor. Now the same Irish labor will be broken by some other immigrant group. Again this tactic is not new, but the exact same one used once in the state of Hawaii’s agricultural industry–home to Barack Obama.

So capitalists have gone international, and workers will have to become nationalists if they are to retain any good paying jobs. The final step is simply robotization. Now I imagine this surplus army of unemployed will be used for war, and not production which will be substituted for Schumpeter’s creative destruction.

We will wage permanent war (i.e., we are already at that point) to destroy and then rebuild our cities in an endless cycle. Destruction being the impetus to investment that will keep warfare capitalism on an even keel. Perhaps as Eric Blair imagined, a continuous war either between Oceania and Eurasia or Eurasia vs. East Asia or East Asia vs. Oceania. As Max Weber might have reasoned, such perpetual war will provide meaning to an otherwise meaningless existence by fighting for something larger than oneself.

The real purpose of course, as it always has been, will be to funnel surplus value or value added to elites at the top of the pyramid. And of course, a way to cull the “useless eaters” or as they say, “mow the lawn.” Even better, war is a communist pursuit where you sacrifice for your comrades, or sacrifice for the so-called greater good. You become part of the team, something greater than yourself. So there need not be any motivation deficit in late capitalism, and we will morph or evolve toward warfare capitalism.  That is, warfare contains the seed of the system’s transition to socialism.  The end point for this transition will be warfare socialism, where society is organized to wage war, almost exclusively. Here we should expect such things as a return of ROTC, and such at even at the high school level.  Perhaps even knighting for military service to the state will make a comeback.

Again, we are already there or nearly there.

Or as the neocons are fond of saying, we identify ourselves vis-a-vis the Other. Today that Other is Russia. Russia is essential to our own identity formation, it would have to be created even if it did not exist. So the spooks of the CIA have conjured a nemesis to grease the wheels of the warfare state. That nemesis is Vladimir Putin who the Rothschilds would like to topple. And why Vlade hated Hillary Clinton, because Russian intelligence no doubt identified her as a Rothschild emissary, like Paul Warburg of Federal Reserve fame.  The ultima te question is whether the populace will fight for an ideal like globalism, as opposed to the concrete reality of a country with its heritage and traditions.  The globalists cannot avoid war since they are their originators.  And I do not think globalism will survive once the lemmings have to pick sides and actually die for a mere ideal.  The Rothschilds reduce to being sappy Kantian idealists that will be swept away by the first nuclear device.  Consequently, there are those that believe our daft elite will have to conjure an extraterrestrial menace to hold the globalist house of cards together.


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