What you’ll like about an inflationary depression . . .

Even as production is contracting, rising prices will mask said contraction. Using new financial flim-flam the Khazarian Mafia banksters have till now managed to control inflation largely through statistical manipulation of the CPI and PCE. But when inflation eventually undermines subsistence, expenditures required to sustain a household, then social unrest will accelerate. The U.S. establishment essentially wants the American public to “eat cake”. Eventually a civil war will be fought for national liberation from globalist stooges, not elected but appointed to their positions by the Khazarian Mafia banksters. Yes, once the killing of people like Walther Rathenau, Rosa Luxemburg, Karl Liebknecht, et al., took place, it didn’t stop there but spilled over onto the rest of the Jewish population. Having introduced socialism into the equation, I would be very surprised if the barbarism of post-World War I Germany was not duplicated here in the United States. The globalists have produced a visceral anger in the populace not unlike that which existed among the Germans. They want revenge, and not just change. Like Germany the gangster banksters have unleashed an eye for eye mentality that will one day take to the streets. Can’t happen here? Baloney. The Jewish community will be sacrificed so that the Frankist Jews can extend their power and wealth. After all, didn’t they have an opportunity to move to Israel? The same exact shit the Frankist Jews pulled on the skullcap lemmings previously, except they called their escape clause Palestine.


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