Grow up spooks . . . Artificial telepathy doesn’t cut it . . . it is so yesterday

The CIA launched MK-DELTA, known as “Deep Sleep,” a remote mind control program focussed on fine-tuned, electromagnetic subliminal programming. The agency used VHF, HF, and UHF transmissions modulated at ELF to cause fatigue, mood swings and behavior dysfunction in chosen targets.

Drs. Joseph Sharp and Allen Frey experimented with microwaves seeking to transmit spoken words directly into the audio cortex via a pulsed-microwave analog of the speaker’s sound vibration. Indeed, Frey’s work in this field, dating back to 1960, gave rise to the so called “Frey effect” which is now more commonly referred to as “microwave hearing.” Within the Pentagon this ability is now known as “Artificial Telepathy.”

Adey and others have compiled an entire library of frequencies and pulsation rates which can effect the mind and nervous system.

In 1961, Allen Frey, working for the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), announced that human beings are capable of hearing microwave broadcasts, in the case of his experiments, what he described as buzzing or knocking sounds.

The experience of “Artificial Telepathy” is really not that extraordinary. It’s as simple as receiving a cell-phone call in one’s head.

Indeed, most of the technology involved is exactly identical to that of cell-phone technology. Satellites link the sender and the receiver. A computer “multiplexer” routes the voice signal of the sender through microwave towers to a very specifically defined location or cell. The “receiver” is located and tracked with pinpoint accuracy, to within a few feet of actual location. But the receiver is not a cell phone. It’s a human brain.–Anonymous, Blog Spot, Artificial Telepathy

So if you’re hearing voices, just ignore them. It’s probably your useless government attempting to bug you. Instead of using your tax dollars for actual defense, they’re using them to annoy the citizenry. Typical! But this observer is not impressed by cell-phone technology. Just go back to sleep. Proving once again, the general populace would be better off without government.


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