Get a load of this headline: NRA Members Not Up to Task of Repelling Tyrants–David Frum

Certainly, the NRA was not too effective in repelling Barack Obama. But it’s not up to the NRA anyway. Everyone who takes an oath to protect and preserve the Constitution of the United States will resist tyrants. It’s their duty. Why the communists assault upon weapons failed. There can only be one reason for the 2nd Amendment, and it is not to preserve the right to hunt; it is to place a final check upon tyranny when all else fails.

As Katie Worthman, formerly from Austria during Hitler’s reign, notes: the first thing Hitler did to consolidate power in Austria was to confiscate guns from the people. Or as Stalin said: Real Power comes out of the barrel of a long rifle. Ergo: communists and fascists both wish to disarm the polity. Because without a complete monopoly on violence, their power is without substance, and remains with the people, and not the designated elites and technocrats. Their power is illusory.

Which means the Rothschilds can only feel safe in a tyranny, and work tirelessly to bring it about. The people have only to rise up, and strip them of their property, backed by the real power of weapons. Indeed, that is precisely what Hitler did in Germany. He stripped the banksters of their monopoly to print money, by issuing interest free money directly from the German treasury. Now Karl Marx thought that it would be the working class that would rise up. How wrong he was.

No revolution in the modern era has ever been proletariat based. None, nada, absolutely zero. Instead it has been peasants who had direct access to the means of their reproduction. That is, if they wished they could diversify production and produce the full range of their subsistence needs. Peasants believe it or not were very independent. They could fend for themselves. Workers by contrast were tied to market relationships because they did not have direct access to the means of their reproduction. They were forced to compete on the open market, in a war of all against all. This of course militated against their organization and unity.

This is why if you examine carefully the bridge between capital in the United States and that of Mexico you will find a need to destroy first the peasant sector or ejido system of agriculture in Mexico to effect the union between the U.S., Mexico, and Canada (i.e., North American Free Trade Agreement). All inhabitants must be proletarianized or separated from direct access to the means of their reproduction. Workers being the exact opposite of what Marx imagined or theorized working from his Hegelian framework.  They were not any subject of history.  Just common sense confirms the fact that at the depths of the Great Depression, workers docilely lined up at soup kitchens to survive.

Workers or what the Jews refer to as Goyims are precisely what you want to produce. Facsimile of cattle. By the way, that is how the banksters think of the workers: as “useless eaters”. Things do not change unless there is also a change in property relations. This was a key insight of people like historian Elizabeth Eisenstein. I was lucky enough to hear her speak at the University of Iowa. Breaking the bonds of property relations require “real power”. Why perhaps globalist Republicans did not fight very hard to repel the attacks of the Obama administration upon the 2nd Amendment.


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