Macron or Le Pen?

Emmanuel Macron is another Rothschild stooge. And the Rothschilds are widely despised, and political meddlers. The Rothschilds are friends of such people as Hillary Clinton, who would have done their business like attacking Vladimir Putin and the Russians. With trillions at their disposal, they can literally buy off any politician and use their chain of news services, like Reuters, to put their stooges in office. But the notion that what is good for the Rothschilds is also good for the world, reminds this observer of the claim that what was good for GM at one time was also good for America. Why in particular it contributed to Hillary’s election debacle. Basically, the Rothschilds are barbarians, since every war is a bankster war, with the proviso they have good etiquette. Their actions regularly kill many people all over the world, like the present Middle East. But of course they were also involved in World War II through their emissary Max Warburg who bankrolled Germany’s Nazi Party. And even today they want to practice their barbarism by culling the world’s population by some 6 million people. So if Marine Le Pen did nothing else but separate herself from the Rothschilds that would be reason enough to vote for her. If France wants to escape dissolution, yes a vote for Marine is a vote to renew France, and throw off the banksters. That is after all who the establishment represents: Financial Capital. If I were a French leftist, I would make a beeline to the polls on Sunday, and prevent the abomination of another Rothschild stooge governing the people. In fact, I don’t think we would give Trump two cents of our time, because had it not been for the Rothschild Fourth Estate, and the Bilderberg Group, Bernie Sanders would now be in the White House, and The Donald would just be a distant memory.


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