Once upon a time global cooling was all the rage


Now the know it alls thinks it is global warming, and anyone who disagrees with them is an heretic. Why they are currently making science into a quasi-religion. And if you disagree with their so-called science you are excommunicated. Unfortunately, most of the weather science needs to post their data, so their findings can be checked, and of course, whether other studies have duplicated them. Believe it or not scientists make mistakes like believing in imaginary substances. For example, phlogiston. The forerunners of modern chemistry thought of oxygen, not isolated till the works of Joseph Priestley and Antoine Lavoisier discovered it in the late 18th century, as de-phlogisticated air. Phlogiston didn’t exist at all and was simply thought up by scientists to make their theories consistent with what was known at the time. So scientists today have first erred in pronouncing global cooling, and might even now be wrong in promoting global warming. The only thing real is that banksters want to trade in carbon emissions. There’s a political and monetary motive for promoting the global warming meme, but very little motive to explaining the science behind the new movement. Post your data if you dare!

Most everything today in science comes down to methodology and data collection. The best science deals with closed systems that can be set in motion by the experimenter. Like most of chemistry. Earth science lacks the ability to close off physically and set systems in motion except through statistical methodology for controlled comparisons. Countries like present day China sort of demonstrably show the effects of high carbon emissions, as sunny Los Angeles once did with their inversion layers. However, most of science today strikes this observer as B.S. politics, that has drifted too far away from experiments. Now I can recall how surprised Robert Millikan was to discover that repeated measurements of the charge on the electron, yielded not a constant, but something more akin to a tight average. When constants have somewhat the characteristics of variables, the solid ground of science has the feeling of quick sand.


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