Wake up! Ryan doesn’t want to build any wall; he wants immigration to lower wages to subsistence

I don’t get it.  To even imagine that Ryan is anything other than a globalist traitor is really lame.  Ryan as the consummate globalists wants to increase labor supply through illegal immigration, H1-B and H2-B visas.  With this extra supply wages would fall generally due to a surplus army of unemployed.  During 2016 the surplus army was something like 94 million Americans.  Trump is not stopping these globalist policies, begun under the Obama administration.  And now he has also flipped 180 degrees, acting like a Khazarian Mafia banksters by pressing globalist foreign policy.  Like violating all international laws to bomb Syria without providing a shred of empirical evidence that Bashar Assad used chemical weapons on his own people.  Just absolute foolishness.  Like well, the last fool in the presidency, Barry Park.  These are policies that line the pockets of the elite who invest in the Military-Industrial-Security Complex, and few others benefit.  Consequently, I don’t know why people are marching against Trump since he is just an Obama-lite version.  No Wall, No repeal of ObamaCare, no change in military adventurism.   He is just a continuity stooge carrying out bankster policies endorsed by McMaster and Kushner.  Meanwhile the people who got him into the White House, Bannon-Miller-Gorka have been deposed.  Go figure?  I figure Trump was nothing but a ringer to fool the lemmings once again.


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