Should President Trump Federalize CA National Guard To Protect Free Speech In Berkeley?

Instead, should the Feds occupy California with the National Guard to protect loyalists to the American Constitution? Yes. Jerry Brown, Kamala Harris and company have created a Northern Ireland situation in California. American citizens demand Federal protection from the loony left. Stop all Federal funding of cities in California, not just sanctuary cities. It is a rogue state. Now where I used to run along San Vicente Blvd in Santa Monic, there was an apartment owner that called the place Commie California. Today that characterization is not hyperbole but an accurate description of the goings on in the state through rent control, commie indoctrination in the school system, to the taxation of the rich to fund social welfare programs for illegal immigrants. Like parts of Ulster, the state is beyond the pale. And no longer do I consider Jerry Brown a moonbeam or quack, but rather a foreign agent for Merkel.


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