This is a bad joke . . .


Do stock prices reflect real earnings? Hahahaha. Are you kidding me! This is the grandest of jokes, but the laugh will be on the American people who can figure to lose their retirement savings when the market tanks. You can see the consequences already in social unrest around the country. When the economy bites the dust, the American people like the Germans will begin in earnest to identify a scapegoat. Why the Democrat Jews courted Mexicans into this country, because what is going to happen was already known before Barack Obama was elected. And when the anger emerges they did not want their group, to be the recipient of the coming hostility. This is known as setting up a middleman minority, i.e., clueless Mexicans, to be the butt of such anger. It was after all, not the Mexicans, that unleashed financial speculation and debt upon the populace but rather atheist Khazarian Mafia banksters who are Jews in name only. They were the ones who destroyed the American economy and its emphasis upon production. The latter being always the genius of the American character from the early 19th century when we developed the American system of manufacturing at the Springfield Rifle armory.


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