Market stock prices not backed by production

indprodNo one can turn around the destruction of the U.S. economy by the printing of debt. Not Donald J. Trump, not anyone. Trump is as good as any other scapegoat for the purpose of assigning blame. But I don’t think, as the leftist money changers do, that the American public will assign that blame to Trump, though that was the leftist plan. Like Germany, the American people will turn upon the foreigners in their midst–the Fifth Column of communist sympathizers masquerading as immigrants. It is really communism that is the oil and water to American capitalism. So those that imagine that another Holocaust cannot reoccur are going to be proven wrong. We are dead on for its reprisal. And because the Fed money changers have dithered they would be wise to pull the plug sooner rather than later, or perhaps the victims of the first Holocaust will once again also be in the cross hairs. The strategy of holding the streets being the key, as always, to holding political power. Left wing agitators will produce their own nemesis in right-wing militias. Germany did not have to have Jews to spark Hitler’s revolution. The catalyst was already present in the form of the Spartacists (Spartakusaufstand). But not only the Fed is dithering, but the American Jewish community is also slow to recognize what they in part have unleashed within American society. When they should be booking their flights to Israel, they will instead dither and play and be caught up in the coming maelstrom. Internationalism or globalism will be supplanted by its complement, nationalism–and finally World War. The Illuminati know this. All is going according to the master template of Weimar Democracy.
BDINeither the above chart or the bottom chart of the movement of dry goods indicate much of a recovery. In a word this stuff is “unsustainable” as the globalists like to say. Give up the ghosts you Merkel and Obama sycophants. Nobody can fix the mess you’ve created. We are headed for war, just as the banksters wanted to 1) to cover the perfidy of their actions, and 2) to take out Vladimir Putin and his financial transaction clearing system. Au contraire mon ami, it will be the folks that still have their gold who will call the financial shots. And the Frenchy Marine Le Pen may have something to say about it as well. The people who have unleashed the social forces beyond their understanding and control cannot stop the slide toward the apocalypse because as the traders know, they have lost control of the animal spirits governed by greed and then fear. Greed means leveraging money with debt, and fear will occur when a major player somewhere in the system cannot make good on his obligations. In 2008 it was Lehman Brothers. Today who knows? It may come out of left field, but make no mistake about it, it will happen. This time around is no different than in times past.


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