In the event of nuclear war . . .

These cities will be struck first:

– Washington, D.C.

– New York City

– Chicago

– Los Angeles

– Dallas/Fort Worth

– Miami

– Seattle

– Houston

– Denver

– Philadelphia

– San Francisco

– Phoenix

– Tampa

– St. Louis

– Minneapolis

– Boston

– Atlanta

Port cities will be the highest priority, since their destruction will mean an immediate end to the U.S. economy. Therefore Los Angeles (i.e., San Pedro), Seattle, and San Francisco are high valued targets. Additionally, leftists are behind the anti-Russia rhetoric and merit special consideration. I’ve long felt the closure of defense contractors along the West Coast, or actually Left Coast, pointed toward the pawn sacrifice of the region. Certainly, the removal of Nike missile batteries off the West Coast prior to the 1970s struck this observer as rather odd. In light of that fact, that both Russia and China have dispatched surveillance ships to track Trump’s current Armada to North Korea, thinking the unthinkable does not now seem so far fetched. Just remember is predicting a population collapse of some 260 million between now and 2024. And even Ted Turner has predicted a population reduction from some 7 billion to a mere 500 million worldwide. Population reduction is a central plank of the globalist elite. It is their world and the “useless eaters” are mucking it up. More importantly, the Khazarian Mafia banksters appear to have recruited the perfect scapegoat to cover their destruction of the real economy in one Donald J. Trump. This is just too good of an opportunity to pass up.


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