Sarin photos do not support U.S. narrative

SarinMoreover this externally supplied explosive to the sarin container is not consistent with an air dropped bomb, where the explosive to release the agent would have been internal to the container. What the above picture is consistent with is a 122mm artillery rocket. The fuselage of this rocket being capped at both ends, and then the explosive applied to the outside that squeezes out the gas like a tube of toothpaste. Theodore Postol, the person who provided this analysis is a professor at MIT and studies ballistic missiles and weapons technology. The rapid dissemination of the bogus narrative shows that absolutely nothing has changed; the Zionist Fourth Estate is still running the show as Charles Lindbergh once claimed in an important anti-war speech given on 9/11/1941. This inability to tell the truth, and the continued manipulation of the American public through fake news shows clearly the rot in our government. Trump is not only not draining the swamp; he is one of the swamp critters. In short, the Jews who claim to be sponsors of democracy are really in the business of undermining the whole edifice of democracy and the Constitution. That is, again, a typical Rothschild ploy of accusing others of the very thing you are engaged in. Like the fact that it was Jews like Max Warburg who was indeed bankrolling the Nazi Party and Adolf Hitler. Yet, if you point out this clear contradiction, the skullcaps yell “anti-Semitism”. This has become so commonplace, that blacks now claim “racism” at every turn. That is, they are forced to fall back upon emotionalism instead of reasoned argument. And to the extent you rely upon gut instincts instead of reasoned argument you are likewise not a liberal but rather a proto-fascist. Which is to say, the Democrats with their identity politics are pushing the country towards some form of fascism or communism, which are not based around reasoned discussion and are illiberal, antithetical to democracy. Allow me to note, that one of the Democrats biggest supporters is George Soros who was a Nazi collaborator during World War II.


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