Like U.S. election, Le Pen drawing “yuge” crowds

Le PenHowever, unlike the White House fool, she is really politically committed to France and the French people. She detests the idea that Merkel is running the EU from Berlin. That will change with her election, and throw markets around the world into a tizzy. BREXIT a 100 times over. So at this critical juncture of history, the world economy is swaying and war rhetoric is heating up. Which makes for something of a law: in inverse proportion to GDP, war rhetoric rises or fall. Or empirically 0.5 percent anemic growth in U.S. GDP has sparked the war drums once again. But as I said, this is also precisely what we saw in Germany under Adolf Hitler, and by 1938 their anemic economy was producing instead invasions of other countries beginning with Czechoslovakia and Poland. No, Neville there will not be peace in our time either. Yes our Spanish style Armada should be arriving soon in the China Seas, so I can’t wait for its reception — perhaps they’ll be showered with flowers and greeted as heroes? I’m not holding my breath. This baby is unraveling. And a clear sign of a collapsing world order is mixed metaphors. I just couldn’t resist.


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